Vivian Mo


Electrical Engineer

About Me

Hello World! My name is Vivian Mo and I am currently a junior at Princeton University majoring in Electrical Engineering and pursuing certificates in Applications of Computing and Robots and Intelligent Systems. This past summer I interned with the Android Core Team at Tumblr in New York City. For my intern project, I chose to make stickers for Tumblr Messaging a reality. I collaborated with the Messaging, iOS, Design, API, and Product teams to generate specifications for Messaging Stickers then implemented the entire project from scratch for Android. I did everything from networking to optimizing image loading to layout to more networking to making sure the entire app didn't crash when the phone was turned 90 degrees into landscape mode and ultimately finished the summer with the feature completed. Once design finishes designing the actual stickers, Tumblr Messaging Stickers will be ready to ship to 100 million Android devices worldwide!

In addition to Android app development, I am very interested in incorporating software and hardware components into systems, such as in robotics or remote diagnosis. Healthcare tech is an area I am particularly interested in; I’ve wanted to be a doctor ever since I was little but unfortunately have too much of a queasy stomach. I strongly believe that healthcare is due for a complete tech overhaul and all of my hackathon projects have been healthcare related. My team for PANDA has qualified as finalists for Facebook’s Global Hackathon Finals 2016 and I am looking forward to bringing my interests to Menlo Park.

I am well-versed in Java, C, OCaml, and HTML/CSS and have a working knowledge in Python, Javascript, MATLAB, and Verilog. I also have experience working with Electric Imp and Bluetooth Low-Energy, and am adept at using Android Studio, Git, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Bootstrap. In addition, I can also solder without burning myself as well as use oscilloscopes and spectrum analyzers.

As a designer, I appreciate the beauty in pixels. My interest in graphic design began in 2011 when I discovered and began making animated gifs. Since then, my gifs have accumulated over 2 million reblogs and likes on tumblr and have been featured on Buzzfeed, Reddit, Giphy, and Pinterest, just to name a few. Most notably, I invented the walkthrough gif, a giffing technique that has since been put into use by other prominent gifmakers.

My Work